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We share lessons about self-development, mindset, meditation, personal success, happiness, the art of living and how to create an extraordinary life for yourself.

ABOUT the Podcast

Soon we will be sharing new Mister Mindset Podcast episodes with you. In The Netherlands we are one of the most popular podcasts (2 million plays) and now we want to share our insights, lessons and interviews with the world. Stay tuned for more.

Be All you can be

Watch this live recorded interview with my business mentor Mr. Dan Peña. He wants you to save the world and be the best you can be.

Breath: The Key to Happiness

In this podcast I had the pleasure of talking with my spiritual teacher Rajshree Patel (the Art of Living Foundation). A globally acknowledged leader in the world of spirituality, happiness and personal development.

Interview with Mr. Dan Peña

After I lost all my money during a stock market crash I was millions in debt. My business mentor, Mr. Dan Peña helped me not only recover but thrive as a businessman after that disastrous event. During this interview we talk about QLA and his philosophy for success and wealth.

The power of vital force

Five years ago I met Rajshree Patel. What she taught me, was life changing to me. I thought I was living healthy, but when she told me that you become what you eat, my perception shifted completely. She taught me breathing exercises, meditation and many things about the mind. I love to share her wisdom with you.